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Intuitive Readings, Tarot Readings, Medium and Intuition Training

                                                              Intuition has played a vital                                                           role in my life.                                                                                  Being connected and having                                                       the ability to listen have                                                               served as guideposts                                                                     through my life and helped                                                         me stay strong and healthy,                                                         loved and in-love and has                                                             imbued calm in times of                                                               chaos. Knowing                                                                               my connection to the divine, learning to truly listen and use the abundant energy of the Universe has allowed greater clarity. I know it is my divine journey to help others to truly connect to what is possible.

       I grew up in a family steeped in intuition. From a great grandmother who read tea leaves for neighbors, to a grandmother who was a spiritual teacher and helped people pass over to a mother who read my friends tarot cards at sleep overs and diagnosed illness in her dreams. Listening to the divine is in my blood. 
      After being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Type 1 Diabetes, I learned an entirely new respect for intuition and wellness as a whole.  Whether it is a meal, hormones, illness, stress or your state of mind, there is a resonate effect on your body. 

     The combination of my desire to help people, use my divine gifts and to do meaningful work led me to offer psychic readings and medium readings,  get certified as a Health Coach, meditation instructor and become an expert in Intuitive Wellness and Intuition Training.

"It was the best way to gain insight into my future! I enjoyed the reading very much. Kristen was right on the money accurate! I will be doing it again - thank you!" -Suzie Blanton

"Kristen Hatch has a gift that only God can give. She reached out to my husband and was so on point, it took my breath away. She has such a heart for her gift. Since my experience with her, I have felt such peace in my heart and happiness, something I've not felt in 3 years. Not only is she gifted, she is truly a gift."-Sue L.

"Your Intuition Workshop was amazing! I felt more connected and realized I recieve more information than I knew! You have such a soothing and supportive energy that made me feel comfortable and open. Your meditiation....I don't even have the words. Thank you!!" - T.W.

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