Kristen Hatch * Intuitive Wellness

Intuitive Readings, Tarot Readings, Medium and Intuition Training
Pricing and Programs

 505-270-0972     [email protected]

Intuitive Readings-  $55- in person or phone sessions available.
Medium Reading-     $65-Communicating with loved ones that have passed in a gentle and loving environment. If for any reason I am unable to reach your loved one, I will refund your full payent. 

Intuition Classes-   $30 at the door, $162 if payed in full (10% off for paying in full)

Meditation Classes-   coming soon!

Inner Wisdom, Inner Wellness-  ​$349.00 (+ tax) 
In this six part group program, you will learn to increase your joy and abundance while loving yourself with good nutrition, gain a deeper understanding of limiting self-beliefs, learn better tools to alleviate stress and increase your spiritual awareness and energy.  Learn to clarify your intentions and better hear your intuition bringing an over-all increased sense of wellness.
Class will meet every other week via Skype or conference call, with weekly email check-ins and Facebook chat room. *Space is limited*

Workshops- Check in our online Store for informaion on upcoming events!
I give frequent workshops and presentations. If you are interested in arranging one of my workshops or meditations for your group or during meetings/lunchtime at your business, please email me for pricing.
Workshops include:
​                                      * Meditation Classes
                                      *Rewriting Your Personal Story
                                      * Eating For Energy
                                      * Intuition Workshop
                                      * The Magic of Cooking
                                      * Space Between Thoughts- Meditation 101